Business, Property Negligence and Fraud

One of the fastest growing segments of personal injury claims affecting residential and business owners involves premises liability litigation. Premises liability claims cover a wide range of actions for injuries caused by a property owner’s failure to warn, maintain or correct situations on public or private property. Common conditions that cause injuries include broken or cracked sidewalks, slippery or wet floors, falls on escalators and elevators, unprovoked dog bites and attacks, exposure to hazardous chemicals or toxic materials at work or in the home, injuries that result from the criminal acts of others, or unsafe property conditions.

Personal injury victims are entitled to file claims against businesses or individuals who fail to provide a reasonably safe condition of property or adequate warning that conditions may be unsafe. Victims may be entitled to damages that include medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of current and future wages including claims of diminished capacity to work or labor, and many other damages suffered by the victim.

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