Farm and Industrial Injuries


Head injuries, fractured bones, amputation, scarring and disfigurement; these are some of the serious injuries that may result from agricultural or industrial machinery and construction site accidents.

Industrial Injuries
Industrial accidents occur when people are at work. Some accidents occur because of unsafe working conditions. If an employer is aware of a problem that poses a risk to employees and does not eliminate such problem, they are culpable for the resulting injuries and/or fatalities.

Malfunctioning machinery can cause industrial accidents as well. An employer may be responsible for any accidents if they fail to provide safe conditions for the employees. Victims of such industrial accidents are entitled to compensation.

Agricultural Injuries
Following proper building codes and proper safety rules helps ensure that an agricultural site is a safe place to work. However, many farm injuries result from poor building design, incorrectly installed electrical power, improper livestock handling, inadequately guarded walkways, defective farm machinery, gas explosions, pesticides and herbicides.

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