Case Results


Lynch v. St. Joe Light & Power
Plaintiff’s verdict for $2 Million for neurological injuries following high voltage shock.

Pierce v. Platte-Clay Electric
Plaintiff’s verdict for leg amputation, reported at 769 S.W.2d 769 (Mo. banc 1989) .

Biller v. Big John Tree Transplanters Mfg. & Truck Sales
Plaintiff’s wrongful death verdict, reported at 795 S.W.2d 630 (Mo. App. 1991).

McPherson v. David
Successful defense of wrongful death case against truck company, reported at 805 S.W.2d 260 (Mo. App. 1991)

Fatino v. Tillotson
Successful defense of wrongful death case using biomedical engineer to prove defendant not driving.

Clinch v. Heartland
Representing cardiac surgeon on antitrust and tortious interference claims, reported at 187 S.W. 3d 10 (Mo. App. 2006). Million dollar settlement on second day of trial.


Represented Plaintiff:

Thomsen v. Local Bar
Confidential settlement in dram shop case where intoxicated patron caused head-on collision shortly after leaving bar.

Gaudette v. Progressive Insurance
Policy limit settlement for widow of 56-year-old motorcyclist killed in downtown St. Joseph.

Duley v. Skoglund
$500,000 plus settlement for widow of 81-year-old driver killed in intersectional collision in Savannah.

Teixeira v. Aquila
$900,000 settlement for siding company employee suffering severe electrical burns at job site in St. Joseph.

Garner v. East Hills Mall
Confidential settlement for fall on ice on East Hills parking lot causing spinal fracture.

Thome v. Teeter
Obstetrical negligence resulting in brain damaged infant.

Martin v. Rexroth
Defective hydraulic hose ruptured injuring plaintiff.

West v. Toyota
Truck Rollover resulting in quadriplegia.

Johnson v. Willmer Manufacturing
Teenage farm worker entangled in rotating shaft of fertilizer spreader.

Kissick v. Farmland
Toxic exposure to farm chemicals causing epilepsy.

Knorr v. Confinement Builders
Faulty construction caused wall to collapse on farmer.

Donaldson v. Honda
Loss of control of 3-wheeler.

Willis v. Duplex Mfg.
Defective mixer resulting in arm amputation of industrial worker.

Noland v. Johnson
4 year old fell from apartment stairwell causing skull fracture.

Caton v. Overhead Door Corporation
Product liability claim for worker entangled in cable of electric overhead door.

Caraway v. Lifeline Foods Confidential settlement for family of 36 year old HVAC technician electrocuted at local industrial plant.

Represented Defendant:

Randles v. Altec
Defense of lift truck manufacturer for severe electrical injury.

Taulbee v. Altec
Defense of lift truck manufacturer for severe electrical injury.

Jacobs v. Gallop, Johnson & Neuman
Successful defense of legal malpractice claim.

Wooden v. Call
Defense of Altec employee operating boom that collapsed and killed co-employee.


Maugh v. Chrysler Corp., 818 S.W.2d 658 (Mo.App. 1991)

Bray v. Brooks, 41 S.W.3d 7 (Mo.App. 2001)

Auxier v. Jesse James Antique Mall, 391 S.W.3d 17 (Mo.App. 2012)

Hershewe v. Perkins, 102 S.W.3d 73 (Mo.App. 2003)

Koehler v. Lewis, 844 S.W.2d 483 (Mo.App. 1992)

Pierce v. Platte-Clay Electric, 769 S.W.2d 769 (Mo banc 1989)

Biller v. Big John Tree TransplantersMfg. & Truck Sales, 795 S.W.2d 630 (Mo.App. 1991)

McPherson v. David,  805 S.W.2d 260 (Mo.App. 1991)

Clinch v. Heartland,  187 S.W.3d 10 (Mo.App. 2006)